Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tricks with Google!

This write up is nothing related to Information Security. But, it is good to know information for. There are three tricks in all:

1. FastFlip through articles: Google recently launched a new service: FastFlip, which can help you read online pages just as you flip through a magazine. These pages are indexed by the Google bot from many Google partner websites and presented to you for a quick read. You also have an option to choose the stuff you read by logging in to your account and customizing the application.

FastFlip can be found here.

2. Play Monopoly with Google Maps: This can be a leisure activity on those days when you do not have anything that’s fun to do. So, Google has teamed up with the worlds largest Monopoly board game manufacturer (!), so that you can use Google Maps as a board for Monopoly. The rules are similar to what we normally play. You initially get paid out 3 million Monopoly dollars (!) to play.

You can play this game here.

3. Search real time indexed pages on Google: So, you wish to keep up with your favorite web site as soon as Google has indexed its recently updated/added page? You can now do so using a parameter that we observed recently. This parameter is- tbs=qdr:

You can get results with a seconds delay, i.e., after it being indexed! According to us, ‘tbs’ stands for ‘to be scanned’ and ‘qdr’ stands for ‘query data range’! This might not be the true meaning. :P It can take the following units – s (second), n (minute. We don’t know why they do not have a m instead), h (hour), d (day), w (week) , m (month) and y (year). For example,

tbs=qdr:s1 [1 second delay]
tbs=qdr:n1 [1 minute delay]
tbs=qdr:h1 [1 hour delay]
tbs=qdr:d1 [1 day delay]
tbs=qdr:w1 [1 week delay]
tbs=qdr:m1 [1 month delay]
tbs=qdr:y1 [1 year delay]

For example,

Source: pentestit.

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  1. El monopoly con Google Maps es muy ingenioso!!
    Igual ya me compraron la cuadra :(